Thursday, October 30, 2008


Networking overload!
I realized when I looked over my calendar that I had been to 6 networking events this week. I guess I have had on my marketing hat to the exclusion of about everything else. I have managed to work with a few clients and take some time to go to a movie (The Secret Life of Bees - a must) and help out a couple of girl friends with projects but other office jobs have simply fallen by the wayside. I want to get known by others so that they will feel comfortable putting me on their vendor lists and recommending me- but enough is enough. I would be interested on how much time other sole entrepreneurs out there spend on networking. How much time should one budget on this task?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

GA-NAPO conference

The GA-NAPO conference last Friday at the Loudermilk Conference Center was awesome. It made me proud to be part of such a fantastic, hard-working organization. Top-notch presenters and panels were enthusiastic, helpful, and entertaining. I had the privilege of introducing one of my favorite presentors, Judith Kolberg, who spoke on the "Super Powers of Disorganized People". I am back at the home office now working on that follow up action plan.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Party time!

I love to organize and plan parties- all kinds of parties. Theme parties are the most fun and I have been giving them for years. This year a special friend of mine was turning 50. He had been to many of my parties and usually picked at my food. Once I asked him what food he would serve if he was giving a party and he replied "chili dogs". I remembered this and also was aware of his love of RC and the Varsity. So for a surprise party for his 50th- we had chili dogs, naked dogs, slaw, fried peach pie, moon pies, peanuts in the shell and RC as the main menu (also tucked around was some shrimp, vegetables, cheese, fruit, a regular birthday cake and wine for the not so chili dog group). I thought I had ordered plenty of chili dogs but they disappeared fast. My friend, Len, was certainly surprised and a fun time was had by all (especially me as it was not at my house).

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Presentation Jitters

cartoon_icandeal-274x300.gifHow do you handle presentation jitters? My material was good. My handouts were good. I had practiced. But I still started to sweat. I didn't project well. I started rushing during the middle of the presentation. Perhaps the woman who was seated in the middle directily in my line of sight and who seemed to either be falling asleep or watching her watch to see when lunch was goin to be served had something to do with it. What tricks to you use to stay calm?

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Did you know the 1st Wednesday in September is Fight Procrastination Day? I meant to tell you earlier but ….We’re all guilty of putting things off. Why?

Maybe the job is boring, difficult, distasteful, or you just don’t know quite how to do it. If you tend to procrastinate (and who doesn’t at some time?) one tip to get over it is “kiss the frog” first thing in the morning ( I think this is the Flylady’s idea)-meaning do the nastiest thing- the thing you have been putting off- first and the day can only get better. Another tip is to break a big task into smaller bits and do some each day or week. A third tip is to set the timer and just work at the task until it goes off. Good luck!