Friday, January 30, 2009

Making Room for Growth

My goal by the end of January was to have my office reorganized for the coming year. As business grows and files increase, the office begins to feel crowded. I start to have more file boxes or portable files on the floor. My desk gets harder to keep clear. I have now purged my files. I have taken some and put in a plastic file box for archives. I have deleted or compressed some files. I have taken some items that I use rarely out of this office space. I have rearranged items on my bookcases to make a more current and open look. Some more art work was added.I enjoy coming into my office again. Now one of my goals for next month is to redo a closet in the guest room to become my "off site" storage for some of those items I have removed but still need. I will draw up a plan this weekend and run off to the Container Store while the sale on elfa shelving is still going on. I am now excited about the next step. I'll keep you posted.
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Friday, January 23, 2009

Organizing by zones

It feels like keeping a house organized and clean is an impossible task. You look in a closet and cringe. Your kitchen pots and pans huddle together in a jumbled mess under the counter. You are embarrassed to open your front hall closet to hang up a guest's coat. I have found a system that takes the stress out of this organizational mess. It is called the Zone Plan.
The first step of this plan is to divide your house in to 10 zones. The home office might be one zone. The kitchen could be another zone.
Next assign each zone to a month. Write the zones at the top of the month on your active calendar. Why 10 zones when there are 12 months? Ideally I like December and July not to be months that I am deep into organizing and cleaning. Also I like a little "wiggle room" if I get behind schedule. When the month begins, take all the organizing/cleaning tasks for that zone and write them on the days of your calendar. At the end of the year every bit of your home has been organized and every item in your home has been touched.
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Friday, January 16, 2009

home office organization

To keep my home organized, decluttered, and inventoried I divide my house up into zones and tackle a zone each month. January is home office month and at this very moment my office looks like a bomb exploded in it. I am tearing things up and moving things around. Because business is growing and because I continue to learn and bring in more idea files my office was busting at the seams. I am in the process of taking some less used material and some archival files and moving them to a closet in the spare bedroom. I plan (when that zone appears on my radar) to redo that closet with Elfa shelving that would be suitable (will buy the shelving soon though to get that 30% discount). My desk and file drawers are complete but the rest is still in flux. I hope to get another big chunk done this weekend. I am pretty excited about the expected results. I need the breathing room.
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Friday, January 9, 2009

The AT

I have spent some time looking at Kellie's pictures of her complete hike on the Appalachian Trail. I am so impressed that she was able to complete the whole thing. It takes a special person. I also learned from looking at the pictures that this is one challenge I would not want to take on. It took her 5 months to walk the 2175 miles. The terraine on some parts was unbelievable.
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Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year Budget

It is a new year and I have spent part of my day reflecting on last year and planning for 2009. Part of this reflection had me reviewing my budget for 2008 and working on one for this coming year. It was a lengthy reflective process. All signs point to having less available money which means that just about every area in my budget needs to be pared down. I have just spent over $500 tuning up my old car so I am sincerely looking forward to it performing well for another year. I am also counting on my health and the health of my cats staying sound for another year. My cooking habits will have to be adjusted and that will mean less expensive foods. No new clothes unless absolutely necessary. Less expensive gifts. It will be a challenge but perhaps not really a bad thing. I am a creative person and I am really looking forward to this new year. Life is good.