Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Why Every Professional Organizer Should Hire a Peer

I am a Professional Organizer and I have hired other Professional Organizers quite a few times. I'm not referring to the times I have hired others for sub contract work; but actually hiring them to help me with projects in my own home or office. I have hired Laura Ray (http://organizeatlanta.com/) to help me declutter my inbox. I have hired Tami Puckett (http://www.mindfulredesign.com/) to use her redesign skills to implement the suggestions of my Feng Shui consultant, Jenna Boyd.

Each time I use their expertise, I learn from them. I also get a reminder lesson on what it feels like to be the client. How hard it is to listen to their advice without taking things personally! How hard it is to embrace their suggestions without making excuses!

Right now I am using Tami Puckett to help me stage my home. What patience she has! How difficult I can be!

Tami remarks that she feels the painting and surround in my tiny breakfast room needs to be removed and the wall repainted. I disagree. I think it is a lovely piece and really shows how the room can be utilized. Next session, Tami revisits her proposal. I am beginning to acknowledge that not everyone would love it and they just might wonder how hard it would be to remove and repaint. We also discuss the paint color in my living room. "A soft off-white," Tami says. "But I love this green. Green is the sign of health!" Tami replies, "It's not your house anymore. Off-white is better."

Ouch! It's not my house anymore. She is so right. It turns out that as we work through the changes I am seeing that. I am also very much aware of how my clients often feel. Working with Tami on this project has been very therapeutic. I am ready to say "Good-by" to the house. I'm getting pretty excited about finding a new house and making it a home.

Oh, and the wall painting and surround will come down next week.

Jonda S. Beattie
Professional Organizer


Lisa Mallis said...

Awesome perspective! I agree working with professionals in our industry can certainly aid in professional growth. If we KNOW we bring value to our clients, why wouldn't we want the same value for ourselves?


StephCalahan said...

I remember when we hired a realtor that was also ASI staging certified. It can be hard to hear what they suggest, but was totally worth it! Our home sold in record time.

streamlife said...

Agree. Organizing with others is more fun!

Jonda Beattie said...

I worked with Tami again today. We are really streamlining the house. I will keep you posted on how fast it sells when it is finally ready to put on the market.

Janet Barclay said...

What a great post! You've shown the value of bringing in other experts in your field, especially when the project is very close to you. I've always been afraid to solicit input from other web professionals on my website... maybe I shouldn't be!